What is AmbuVet?

AmbuVet is a pet ambulance service available 24 hours a day seven days a week. We transport your pet to the animal hospital of your choice. We have on board muzzles, stretchers, hydraulic tables, oxygen, and first aid for your peace of mind. We are certified by the USDA, are active NAVTA members, and have successfully completed AVMA approved programs in veterinary care. Our LVT’s are licensed in the State of New York and reflect the highest standards of excellence.

What areas does AmbuVet service?

AmbuVet is located in Astoria, Queens and we service the Greater New York area, however, we are often dispatched to locations that are outside of our service area because of emergency circumstances. Please call us for assistance with your situation.

What are AmbuVet hours of operation?

 24hrs a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year

Does AmbuVet come into my home?

Yes. With your permission, we enter the home and assist in moving your pet to the facility of your choice. We will even carry your animal down a flight a stairs!

Does Ambuvet treat my pet in home?

As licensed veterinary technicians, we do not diagnose, perform surgery, prescribe or euthanize. We do what ambulances do; take the patient in the most comfortable manner possible to the hospital of your choice. We take preliminary vital signs (i.e. HR, RR, Temp, CRT, history, etc) and relay that information to the veterinarian so that they are prepped and ready for the emergency. 

Where does AmbuVet take my pet?

We will take your pet to the veterinary facility of your choice. We have working relationships with all veterinary practices throughout the city. Not sure where to go? We will even assist you in locating a hospital closest to you or the one most available after hours. We have a working relationship with all 24 hour emergency facilities as well.

What types of animals will AmbuVet handle?

We handle most domesticated NYC animals and reptiles. We do not handle large animals such as horses or cattle but we can certainly point you in the right direction if that is the case.

Does AmbuVet handle aggressive animals?

Yes. As long as the dog or cat is up to date on a Rabies vaccine, we can handle any aggressive animal situation. We have muzzles, rabies poles, and other restraint methods to help minimize the chance of injury to both pet and person. 

Does Ambuvet sedate aggressive animals?

No. Any chemical restrain may be counter productive to what the veterinarian may want to run in terms of tests and/or treatment protocol. We are known in the field as specialists in handling aggressive, ill or injured animals in their own territory. 

Can I go with my pet in the AmubuVet vehicle?

Yes. However, accompaniment of your animal is based on the best interest of the animal. For example, if there is an animal needing oxygen to breathe and is worsened by the presence of an emotional guardian, the increased heart rate and respiration rate may contribute to the worsening of the patients condition. Here, it would be advisable for the owner to follow the vehicle in a separate car while we work on making your animal as comfortable as possible.

How much does AmbuVet cost?

Please refer to our PET TRANSPORT page for pricing information... (prices vary)

What forms of payment do you accept?

Between the hours of 9AM and 8PM, we accept cash or credit cards as forms of payment. After hours (8 PM- 9AM) only credit cards are accepted for the safety of our drivers. No cash is carried in AmbuVet vehicles at these times. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.

Is AmbuVet just for emergencies?

No! While we are NYC finest pet ambulance service, AmbuVet is also available for non-emergency scheduled regular transports between 9AM and 8PM. We will pick you up curbside in our ambulette, and transport you and your pet to the vet visit, boarding facility, groomer, or airport in style! Call us today at 1800 262-8838 to arrange your service.

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