Frequently Asked Questions

Common answers about AmbuVet Emergency services

What types of animals do you handle?

We handle domesticated dogs, cats, birds & reptiles. We do not handle large animals such as horses or cattle but we can certainly point you in the right direction if that is the case.

What areas does AmbuVet service?

We offer transport to the Tri- State Area, Long Island, Westchester and PA. We do service customers Nationwide in emergency and/or unique situations. Call us to discuss your situation 1-800-AMBU-VET or visit our Transport page for details.

What are your hours?

Our on-call AmbuVet Tech specialists will respond to your call 24hrs a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year, including holidays! Emergencies can happen anytime and we are available to dispatch help to you, day or night.

When do I pay for service?

Please pay at time of service. We accept all major Credit/ Debit cards. For the saftey of our drivers we do not carry cash. Sorry, no personal checks.

Where do you take my pet?

You may choose the drop off/ pick up location. If you do not yet have a Veterinarian to care for your pet, we can guide you to trusted, Emergency and other pet providers of quality care. We have working relationships with all veterinary practices throughout the Tri- State Area, please allow our licensed AmbuVet Techs to assist you.

Do you service aggressive animals?

We help all animals, especially those in crisis. Our AmbuVet Techs carry: Muzzles, Rabies Poles & are trained in restraint methods to help minimize the chance of injury to both pet and person. Please be willing to provide proof of Rabies vaccine. If your pet is prone to aggressive behavior, let us know right away. Call 1-800-AMBU- VET for immediate assistance.

Do AmbuVet Techs treat pets?