AmbuVet Pet Transport Services

AmbuVet is now providing non-emergency regular transports between 9AM and 8PM. Regular transports are scheduled, curbside pick-up of a caged or leashed pet. If the situation is more serious (critical), we are still the finest animal ambulance in NYC practicing the highest standards of excellence. We are USDA certified, active NAVTA members and have completed AVMA accredited programs in veterinary care.

Our vehicles are equipped with stretchers, hydraulic tables, and oxygen for your peace of mind. There is seating capacity for up to 2 people, so someone may travel with your pet.

AmbuVet vehicles are extemely clean and sanitized. The licensed veterinary technicians and AmbuVet drivers are highly trained and courteous. Our office is helpful, knowledgable, professional and friendly. We go anywhere you and your pet need to go: Veterinarian, Hospitals, Boarding, Grooming and Airports... and non-emergency, regular transport of a deceased pet.

Door to door service means a driver and/or veterinary technician will come to your residence, help you with your pet, and bring your animal into our Ambuvet vehicle.


AmbuVet works directly with all veterinarians, specialists, 24 hour hospitals and referral services in NYC. We specialize in the professional transport of ill and injured animals; inter- hospital and critical care transfers; agressive and un-cooperative animals; oxygen dependent patients; physical therapy and chemo protocal patients; deceased pets; large and giant breeds.

With inter-hospital transfers, we arrange for all medical records and samples (i.e. blood reports, records, x-rays, biopsies, etc.) for the accompaniment of the animal between veterinary facilities for a seamless transfer.


There are those beloved pets that are fortunate enough to pass in the comfort of their own home. We at AmbuVet understand how difficult and confusing these times of loss can be. When it is time to say goodbye to your pet, we are available to help in this time of need. Offering assistance in the preparation of cremation, burial, or transport of your deceased pet to a special place, we ensure that your animal is cared for as a member of your family.


AmbuVet offers air charters complete with LVT support to regional veterinary facilities. When time is a concern and same day medivac (medical evacuation) is required, AmbuVet is able to arrange for an efficient and comfortable aircraft transfer of a pet to any veterinary facility in the Northeastern United States. AmbuVet's "Special Operations Team" works with veterinarians to get a complete medical history to ensure the safest and most comfortable possible flight for the animal. AmbuVet's clients run the gamut, from pet owner/guardians to rescue groups to shelters…to the Mayor's Alliance. "It's a real privilege to work with the Mayor's Alliance," says AmbuVet Owner Don Montes. CONTACT US FOR PRICE QUOTE>

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